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Traditional Optics

Full Range of Optics

Archer OpTx provides a full range of traditional optical components with spherical, cylindrical, flat or toroidal surfaces. Components are available in diameters of a a few millimeters to support miniature cameras through two hundred millimeters for your large-scale projects. Surface accuracies are standard at Lambda/4 and can be specified to Lambda/20 if you application requires extreme precision.

Optimal IR Designs

Achromats are available with aspheric surfaces in the case where combining the color correction function of an achromatic lens with aberration correction function of an aspheric lens are a big advantage to an optical system. Achromats are available in cemented or air-spaced forms where Archer’s optical and opto-mechanical engineers can make athermal designs available. Common forms are:

• Cemented Doublet
• Cemented Triplet
• Air-Spaced Doublet (athermal optional)
• Air-Spaced Triplet (athermal optional)

Sapphire Windows

Precision sapphire windows are available as standard A/4, uncoated, and anti-reflective coated. Archer OpTx offers sapphire windows manufactured to your requirements. Our standard precision sapphire windows include:

8 0.9
10 1
12 1
12.7 3
15 3
20 3
25.4 3
50.8 3


Singlets are available in plano-convex, bi-convex, plano-concave, bi-concave or meniscus forms.


Precision windows are available from 3 mm OO to 75 mm OO in barium fluoride, BK7, calcium fluoride, germanium, magnesium fluoride, sapphire, silicon, UV grade fused silica, and zinc selenide. Archer OpTx’s full coating capabilities are available including: anti-reflective coating, high power coatings, and our custom hydrophobic/oleophobic/ abrasion resistant coating.


Cylinders are available with surfaces as accurate as Lambda/10 and as long as 100mm. The challenge of making these single dimensional light shaping optics has been mastered and customized metrology is in place to ensure accuracy of the entire cylindrical surface.


Prisms with precise angles from less than 3 arcmin to less than 3 arcsec are available in optical glass or UV grade fused silica. Anti-reflective, reflective, black and custom coatings are done per the prism design. Some common prisms are:

• Roof Prism
• Right Angle Prisms
• Cube Prisms

• Anamorphic Prism
• Dove Prism
• Wedge Prism

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