PerfectLens™ Molded Glass Aspheric Achromats

The PerfectLens™ Aspheric Achromat

Utilizing the same PerfectLens™ technology process that produces the highest precision molded glass lenses in the world and created by Archer OpTx’s world class optical designers, Archer OpTx is offering the photonics industry it’s most optimal optic yet – the first PerfectLens™ aspheric achromat that is designed to be diffraction limited from the UV through the NIR.

By Design

The Archer OpTx PerfectLens™ aspheric achromat is designed to support systems that require diffraction limited performance through a broader spectrum than traditional aspheric capabilities. Using these lenses, it is possible to design systems where multiple sources are collimated and/or focused by a single lens. An additional benefit to the Archer OpTx PerfectLens™ aspheric achromat is that it is designed so the effective focal length is the same across the full spectrum.

Diffraction limited performance from 350nm to 1550nm
Optimized for applications with greater than 2mm EFL
Can be supplied as a stand-alone lens or with an integral precision mount that provides accurate centering.
No more costly than conventional doublets
Wavefront aberration of less than 0.05 waves PV and less than 0.02 waves RMS
Multi-wavelength systems can now reduce parts count without sacrificing performance

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