PerfectLens ™

Molded Chalcogenide Aspheres

Ultra-Precision PerfectLens™ IR Optics

Archer OpTx is now using the PerfectLens™ glass molding process utilizing high quality, non-arsenic based chalcogenide materials to produce high performance infrared aspheric and aspheric-diffractive lenses.

The high quality chalcogenide materials coupled with the ultra-precision molding and automation by Archer OpTx brings reduced cost along with higher performance.

For more than 10 years, Archer OpTx has been using the PerfectLens™ process to mold optical glasses made by Ohara; the addition of non-arsenic based chalcogenide IR materials extends the availability of ultra-precision molded optics to wavelengths of 13um. The infrared industry now has a high volume ultra-precision alternative to infrared lenses made through traditional production techniques.

Optimal IR Designs

The available aspheric shapes include bi-aspheric meniscus or bi-aspheric convex-convex; you can also integrate diffractive features to further optimize your optical performance. In any case, our manufacturing and optical design teams are available to ensure your success!

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