Metrology Expertise

Archer OpTx utilizes the most sophisticated optical inspection equipment in the photonics industry to measure and characterize all of our product offerings. Archer OpTx is now making all of this equipment available for contract measurement services. Utilizing this equipment, Archer OpTx provides the following measurement

Centration (Wedge and Decenter)
TIR (Total Indicated Runout)
Multi Element Assembly Coaxiality
Surface Angle
Transmission and Reflectance
185 – 3500 nm
0° – 75° AOI
Plane angles of Prisms and Polygons
Surface Angle and Tilt (0.2 arcsec)
Cosmetic Inspection
Surface Flatness
Surface Form/Figure/Irregularity
2D or 3D
Subnanometer Resolution
Beam Deviation
Radius of Curvature
Transmitted Wavefront Aberration @ 633nm
Surface Roughness
2D or 3D
Surface Parallelism

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