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PerfectLens ® Ultra-Precision

Maximize your potential with ultra-high optical precision that will produce optimal outcome. Archer OpTx offers the optics industry what could be its most exceptional resource yet: Comprehensive solutions to meet your needs by providing engineering design services, optical components and metrology services. Our optical component offerings include: molded glass asphere, CNC machined asphere, acylindrical, spherical, ellipsoidal, freeform, off axis parabolic lenses as well as SIVA series of lens assemblies, subassemblies, and more. We guarantee our offerings through the most sophisticated metrology suite at nanometer 3D scales. Archer OpTx is a strategic resource for your competitiveness.




PerfectLens ®

Archer OpTx molded lenses are produced using the PerfecLens® technology platform. The PerfectLens® technology platform uses several advanced production techniques that yield the highest precision lenses and the best lens to lens uniformity. The results are overall improved optical performance and reduced variability in final product.

Traditional Optics

Archer OpTx offerings include PerfectLens® axicons, cylinders, spheres, mirrors, filters, prisms, windows and many other specialty components. Whether it’s generating a line, circularize a diode beam, reflect, disperse or transmit light, Archers optical precision will deliver optimal outcome.

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Ultra-high precision molded glass aspheres at globally competitive prices.


Design services with support throughout the full life of your product.


State of the art Metrology services available upon request.

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Lens Designs



Custom Lens Manufacturing

Take advantage of our unique manufacturing capabilities to fabricate custom optical components in order to meet your specific requirements.

  • Off-axis parabolas, ellipsoids, freeform optics
  • Custom designed multi lens assemblies
  • Rapid prototyping to full scale production


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